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Took a farm tour- and you could Not find a place that beats Alden hills quality! The way they care for the land, the animals and their customers is top notch. And it shows in the flavor of the meat. I love using their whole chickens- I don’t need to use any seasonings because the natural chicken flavor is enough on its own! Every cut of beef has been moist and rich. Alden Hills fan for life.
Kelsey N.
Alden Hills products are wonderful. You can feel good about what you are eating as well as how they are taking care of our Earth as they farm. The chicken, beef, pork and even the seafood they offer are delicious. I am a fan of Alden Hills. It's worth every penny.
Julie S.
I have been searching for a local, organic certified farm to purchase from. We are tired of what is going on at the grocery store level. I was so excited to stumble upon Alden Hills! Everything about it is fantastic. All the food we have tried is fresh, delicious and packaged in such an efficient way for delivery. Highly recommend!!!
Sue A.
My family did a tour last year with them and I've utilized Alden on MANY occasions prior and since. They've always been nothing but obliging. I met Emily and Levi and I as far as I'm concerned, they're top-notch individuals, as is their farm! I very much appreciate what they're doing and feel very blessed having them and their farm practically in my back yard.
Pamela R.
Alden Hills Farms is run by a couple of the most passionate organic farmers you could find here or anywhere. They care so much about the products they produce and sell. And it shows in the quality of the food. If you care about high-quality, healthful food for you and your family, check out Alden Hills!
Ian C.
Been ordering from Alden Hill Farms for about a year now. Every product that I have received was top notch. Love the home delivery. Give it a try!
Maxine L.