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How Our Delivery Works

·      Where does Alden Hills deliver? We deliver to Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa and Michigan.

·      When will my order be delivered? We will deliver to your home on your selected delivery day between 6am-8pm. You will receive a reminder prior to delivery, which will include your total cost, and a confirmation that your order has been deposited for delivery.

·      What if I'm not available during delivery time? Insulated liners and ice packs are available by request for an additional fee to ensure your order remains frozen.

·      Is there a delivery fee? Yes, $14.99 delivery fee for all orders less than $150. If the order is more than $150, delivery fees are waived!

·      Is there a minimum order amount? Yes, our minimum order is $50. We have no minimum for on-farm pickup orders. 

·      What are my payment options? All orders must be prepaid with credit card before delivery can be made. Credit cards can be added to your account HERE.

·      What if I need to cancel my order? Orders can be canceled before they ship HERE.

·      What can I expect when my order arrives? Your order will come frozen and carefully packed in a box. If requested, your order may be packed with ice and an insulated liner so you don't need to be home when we deliver.

·      If I have any questions about the ordering/delivery process, who can I contact? Email us at