1. When will my order be delivered? We will deliver to your home on your selected delivery day between 8am-8pm. You will receive an email reminder prior to delivery, which will include your total cost, and a text confirmation that your order has been delivered.
  2. How far do you home deliver? We deliver from Kenosha, WI to Lincoln Park, IL to Marengo, IL. We also deliver to Milwaukee/Fond Du Lac monthly. 
  3. If you have a question if you are in our delivery zone please email us at l.powers8@gmail.com. If you are outside our delivery we do offer shipping! 
  4. What if I'm not available during delivery times? When you order we will contact you about where you would like the delivery placed if you're not home. You can leave a cooler out for us to place your order in, or we will use freezer bags to keep the items cold/frozen, and leave this by your front door. 
  5. How long will a freezer bag keep my order frozen? Freezer bags can keep items frozen/cold for up to 3 hours. The freezer bags will cost an additional $3.50 for a large and $2.50 for a small bag. We will charge this amount to your order total.
  6. Is there a delivery fee? We have ZERO delivery fees! 
  7. Is there a minimum order amount? Yes, our minimum order is $50. We have no minimum for on-farm pickup orders. 
  8. What are my payment options? All orders must be prepaid with credit card before delivery can be made. Credit cards can be added to your account HERE.
  9. What if I need to cancel my order? Orders can be canceled HERE.
  10. If I have any questions about the ordering/delivery process, who can I contact? Contact Emily at #262-379-9097 or email at l.powers8@gmail.com.